Soon on Kickstarter

Soon on Kickstarter

Volfyirion Guilds is a standalone competitive, fast-paced deck-building card game, for 2 players.

In the game, each player represents a guild and fights their opponent for supremacy. Victory is achieved by destroying all the 3 opponent’s cities before they do the same.

In order to accomplish this, players could use different tactics like attacking directly with their troops, focusing on deck thinning, or trying to activate a powerful combo. Additionally, they could tame Volfyirion and unleash the dragon against their opponent’s cities.

The game is set in the wonderful Universe of Mysthea, which includes many of our titles: Mysthea, Icaion, Mysthea: the Fall and Volfyirion.

The events of Volfyirion Guilds take place immediately after the previous title: Volfyirion; and about sixty years before the events of Mysthea.

The story revolves around 5 major Guilds, created by the king of Mysthea in order to stop the rise of Volarees house and assigned with different political functions. With time, this system brought to a silent and stealthy war for power among the guilds.

Wipe out your enemy’s cities and prove yourself as the one and only undisputed Guild!

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