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From 28/10/2020 at 5:15 pm CET to 20/11/2020 4:45 pm CET

In the verdant regions of Faeriell, the Great Guardians were living peacefully since the dawn of time, protecting the balance of nature with their majestic presence. These huge and sensitive creatures, who share the looks and behaviours of wild animals of smaller size, seemed as ancient as the land itself.

When the first Weybit explorers started to appear and decided to settle, it was a joyful surprise. The Great Guardians observed with interest how quickly these tiny and industrious humanoids learned how to live in harmony with the environment. An alliance was forged, and it turned out to be a blessing, for the harsh times that were about to come.

Lately, the Weybits are getting greedy and competitive like never before, and most of them don’t even know why. In this unsettling scenario, a new menace is rising and some are already whispering its name, calling it Corruption. This luring shadow is causing plants, animals and even the Great Guardians to suffer devastating effects, and patches of darkness are devouring the bright colours of nature all over Faeriell.

In this strategic eurogame with multiple endings, you will lead a Tribe of Weybits and develop a strategy to aim for various achievements. Corruption will rise inexorably, endangering the whole land and tempting the Weybits with twisted, yet faster ways to reach their goals.

Will you try to save Faeriell, or become yourself the threat? Now the choice is all yours.

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  • 5th Player Tribe Add-On

    Full set of components and rules to add a 5th player: the Pebbletine Tribe!

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  • Great Guardians Minis Add-On

    You can choose to replace the meeples with highly detailed miniatures of the Great Guardians

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  • Dornog The Spider Add-On

    Put in play a new monstrous creature, with its unique miniature and additional rules

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    Get all the add-ons and an exclusive box to fit them all

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  • The Art of Faeriell Add-On

    Hardcover book with the amazing art and lore of Sons of Faeriell

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