Tabula Pulse

Let’s see how it works!

As we always point out, our supporters are the backbone of our projects and for this reason we created Tabula Pulse. A portal entirely dedicated to them, in order to reward them even further.

Getting started

By signing up with your Kickstarter email account, you will allow Tabula Pulse to retrieve the history of your pledges for all Tabula Games projects.

After signing up, check your current energy in your Profile page.

There, you can also find all the rewards you unlocked and the amount of Energy that allows you to claim them.

What is the Pulse?

The Pulse is what you get whenever you take actions to support Tabula Games projects.
Pulse is the force that makes your Energy rise and unlock amazing rewards.

Your Energy is determined by your overall activities as a Tabula Games supporter, counting on pledges and preorders, in relation with the elapsed time. This means that the most recent activity is also the hottest, in terms of Pulse.

The stronger the Pulse, the more you prove you are a passionate fan of Tabula Games and the more we want to reward you.

There are five different levels of Charge:


Plugged in




Emp bomb

Each one of them includes the rewards of the previous, adding new hot stuff.
By obtaining rewards, your Energy will remain the same. Only if you lose passion towards us the Energy will discharge over time :(

Collect more Energy

Energy collected through our projects in the past grants you extra rewards today. Keep charging with our ongoing project to gain extra prizes in the future!

Tabula Pulse shows your history as a supporter, the next campaign that Tabula Games is about to launch and your current Charge.

You will also be able to check which rewarding surprises we have in store to astonish our fond supporters: just make your Energy rise up to unlock them all!

The Energy you get from any pledge and preorder from now on will be added to your current Charge.


Claim your Rewards

To claim your rewards you need to do... Nothing, just sign up!

Everything will magically appear in the pledge manager, when you will confirm your shipping address at the end of the current campaign.


If you stop your activity as a Tabula Games supporter for too long, the Energy will fade and sooner or later your battery will be Unplugged, at least until the next Pulse :)

Battery how it works

At the closing of the pledge manager the 1€ pledge does not allow you to redeem to Tabula Pulse's rewards.

Take into consideration that you can delete your account in Tabula Pulse at any moment.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at

Tabula Games

Tabula Friends

Let’s see how it works!

Tabula Friends is another way to reward Tabula Games backers who plan to join the campaign for Ryozen on Kickstarter.

In a nutshell

Beginning from the date revealed through the Roadmap and continuing until the end of the Early Bird, if you are a Tabula Pulse member, you can invite up to 10 of your friends to join Tabula Friends.

Your invited friends will have the opportunity to benefit from a 10% discount on their pledge, and you will collect a 10% cumulative discount for each of them who backs the campaign.

The rewards only apply to the upcoming campaign and there are a few conditions that must be met - keep reading this guide to make sure you understand them.

Getting Started

You can only access Tabula Friends through your Tabula Pulse account.

Are you a member of Tabula Pulse? If you've supported at least one of our previous campaigns you can still sign up here.

Starting from the date revealed through the Roadmap and continuing until the end of the Early Bird, you can login to Tabula Pulse and invite up to 10 people to join Tabula Friends through this page.

The friends you choose to invite must already be registered on Kickstarter. For the invitation, you will need to enter the email address of the friend's Kickstarter account.

The friends you choose to invite must be new backers of Tabula Games. If they are returning backers, their invitation will not be considered valid.

Invitations can only be sent until the end of the Early Bird, the date of which will be revealed when the campaign launches.

How to validate an invitation

To access the rewards, invitations must be first validated by our system. Make sure to use a valid email address associated with your friend’s Kickstarter account.

You will immediately be notified of the validity of an email address you entered before proceeding with the invitation. If the email address is considered invalid by our system, you will see an error message in red.
Please note: the system allows only 10 seconds to change the submitted email address. It will no longer be possible to change the entered email address afterwards.

Possible reasons for an invalid email error message can be:

  • - The email address is already associated with a Tabula Pulse member (you can only invite new backers of Tabula Games)
  • - The email address refers to an invalid domain or has been identified as a temporary email address
  • - The email address has already been invited by another member of Tabula Pulse (sorry, we can’t send more than one invitation per person)
  • - Other reasons at our discretion. Contact us if you think the email address you entered was rejected unfairly.

Immediately after submitting an address, your friend will receive an invitation email to the same email address you entered. They will need to check the Kickstarter campaign and finalize their pledge before the final day in order to be eligible for their Tabula Friends reward and unlock yours.

How to be eligible for a reward

As a member of Tabula Pulse, you are entitled to a 10% cumulative discount for each invited friend who successfully completes a pledge for Ryozen, and only if their pledge matches the campaign's base Essential Edition or Deluxe Edition pledges.

Each of your invited friends who is a new backer is eligible for a 10% discount. Make sure they use the same email address where they got the invitation from and they support Ryozen, otherwise their pledge will not be considered valid.

At the end of the campaign, Kickstarter will automatically attempt to recoup the payment for each pledge. If your friend is unable to make the payment, unfortunately their pledge will be marked as unsuccessful and they will not give you any rewards.

The "Pledge without a reward" option provided by Kickstarter is not considered for Tabula Friends rewards, regardless of the amount of funding.

Tabula Friends is not accessible to retailers. Retailers can find other facilities dedicated to them on the Kickstarter campaign page

What if my friends need to think about it?

Your friends can also support Ryozen by choosing the lowest level and then upgrade their pledge whenever they want. If they do so before the end of the campaign, in order to meet the pledge level conditions on time, they are still eligible for the discount and to grant your reward.

How do I keep track of my reward?

You will be able to check the status of your invited friends at any time on your Tabula Friends dashboard. At the end of the campaign, you'll see how many of them have successfully completed their pledge by fulfilling all of the above conditions, and the relative percentage of the discount you got.

If all of your 10 invited friends complete a pledge that matches the Tabula Friends conditions, your discount will be 100%: free game for you!

Time and deadlines

To invite friends: from the date revealed through the Roadmap and continuing until the end of the Early Bird. The exact date and time of this deadline will be announced when the campaign launches.
You can invite your friends at any time until the deadline, you don't necessarily have to add them all at once.

To confirm a received invitation: friends who have been invited will have time to confirm their invitation until the end of Ryozen campaign. Until then, you will see their status as “pending”.

How the discount is applied

Rewards are only granted to backers who choose the core pledge or higher level pledges to support Ryozen campaign before it ends. This condition applies to both new and returning backers.

If you gained a discount as a reward from Tabula Friends, you will see it in the pledge manager and it will only be applied to the base pledge or higher level pledges.

The discount does not cover the shipping costs for a pledge, nor the cost of any add-on.

Friends status in Tabula Friends dashboard

Once you have sent an invitation, your friend's email address will appear in a list in your dashboard. Next to their email address, you will find an icon symbolizing their status. The statuses are updated periodically based on the actions taken.

Before the end of the campaign:

  • Pending: the invitation has been sent, but your friend has not confirmed it yet. Pending invitations are not considered for rewards.

  • Confirmed: everything is fine, your friend has interacted with the invitation. After this step, they can be eligible for rewards.

Up to 15 days after the campaign ends:

  • Successful pledge: hurray! Your friend has backed Ryozen and now the rewards are unlocked for both of you. Each successful pledge grants you a 10% cumulative discount on your pledge.

  • Unsuccessful pledge: oh, no! Your friend did not support Ryozen, or the conditions were not met.