Hello folks!

As we always point out, our supporters are the backbone of our projects and for this reason we created Tabula Pulse. A portal entirely dedicated to them, in order to reward them even further.

Let’s see how it works!

Getting started

By signing up with your Kickstarter email account, you will allow Tabula Pulse to retrieve the history of your pledges for all Tabula Games projects.

After signing up, check your current energy in your Profile page.

There, you can also find all the rewards you unlocked and the amount of Energy that allows you to claim them.

What is the Pulse?

The Pulse is what you get whenever you take actions to support Tabula Games projects.
Pulse is the force that makes your Energy rise and unlock amazing rewards.

Your Energy is determined by your overall activities as a Tabula Games supporter, counting on pledges and preorders, in relation with the elapsed time. This means that the most recent activity is also the hottest, in terms of Pulse.

The stronger the Pulse, the more you prove you are a passionate fan of Tabula Games and the more we want to reward you.

There are five different levels of Charge:


Plugged in




Emp bomb

Each one of them includes the rewards of the previous, adding new hot stuff.
By obtaining rewards, your Energy will remain the same. Only if you lose passion towards us the Energy will discharge over time :(

Collect more Energy

Energy collected through our projects in the past grants you extra rewards today. Keep charging with our ongoing project to gain extra prizes in the future!

Tabula Pulse shows your history as a supporter, the next campaign that Tabula Games is about to launch and your current Charge.

You will also be able to check which rewarding surprises we have in store to astonish our fond supporters: just make your Energy rise up to unlock them all!

The Energy you get from any pledge and preorder from now on will be added to your current Charge.


Claim your Rewards

To claim your rewards you need to do... Nothing, just sign up!

Everything will magically appear in the pledge manager, when you will confirm your shipping address at the end of the current campaign.


If you stop your activity as a Tabula Games supporter for too long, the Energy will fade and sooner or later your battery will be Unplugged, at least until the next Pulse :)

Battery how it works

At the closing of the pledge manager the 1€ pledge does not allow you to redeem to Tabula Pulse's rewards.

Take into consideration that you can delete your account in Tabula Pulse at any moment.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@tabula.games.

Tabula Games