About Tabula Games

We are an indie board game publisher established in 2017. We started our experience on Kickstarter as a journey of discovery. Ever since our first campaign, our backers are the backbone of our projects. During these years, we have built a solid community for many enthusiastic supporters, whose numbers continue to grow.

Our team is made of creative minds, gamers and geeks that sustain the whole process, to create games that are fun to play and beautiful to look at. For every project, we find extremely talented and passionate people to develop each aspect of the game to its full potential. All of us want to make something amazing that is valuable to the players for the extreme care and love with which it’s made.

Tabula Games products
Tabula Games products

Previous Kickstarter projects

2017 - Barbarians: The Invasion

2018 - Mysthea

2018 - Volfyirion

2019 - Icaion and Mysthea: The Fall

2019 - Barbarians: The Invasion 2nd Edition


Mysthea - BGG
medium score 8.0

Mysthea - Dice Tower seal of approval

Mysthea, Icaion - Featured in Kickstarter “Projects we love”

Volfyirion - 8900+ Backers

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what they say about us on kickstarter

  • Paolo Varotto

    @tabula congrats for the 175k a result that will make this community proud 👏 👏 👏

  • Long N

    Congratulation Tabula for another successful campaign!! Can't wait to receive my of both Mysthea and Volf!

  • Dennis Beard

    The only thing better than a card game with a solo mode option is one in which players can work together to defeat a dragon! I was on the fence until I saw that.